Grandidier’s Baobab

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A collection of links and documents gathered as part of our R&D process.

Grandidier’s Baobab (Adansonia grandidieri)
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Samara, Issue 27, July – December 2014
The International Newsletter of the Partners of the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership
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Ghosts and Orphans – Madagascar’s Vanishing Ecosystems
Laurie R. Godfrey, William L. Jungers, Gary T. Schwartz andMitchell T. Irwin
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Baobabs Stories
Many Baobabs in the District of Morondava have a story such as Renala Rapeto (Talimotse), Andrenala Belambahoany, Renala Minjoha, and Renala ao Belily. This poster tells them beautifully…
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Searching for the Oldest Baobab of Madagascar
Radiocarbon Investigation of Large Adansonia rubrostipa Trees
Adrian Patrut, Karl F. von Reden, Pascal Danthu, Jean-Michel Leong Pock-Tsy, Roxana T. Patrut, Daniel A. Lowy
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Les Histoires Sur les Baobabs Dans le District de Mahabo
A history of the Baobabs in Mahabo, Western Madagascar
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Community forest rights established for baobab conservation in Madagascar
Article in Oryx, the International Journal of Conservation, available at Cambridge Journals online
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Malagasy Flying Fox

Conserving Mangoro’s Madagascar Flying Foxes
The island of Madagascar is home to three species of endemic fruit bat, the largest of which is the Madagascar flying fox (Pteropus rufus). These spectacular flying mammals are thought to be very important in the pollination and dispersal of forest plants, as Madagascar has a comparatively small number of bird pollinators or frugivores…
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IUCN Red List: Madagascan Flying Fox
Information on the Madagascan Flying Fox (Pteropus rufus).
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